Peter Strauss Editor. Producer.

Narrative (short) 9m
Producer. Editor.

A grieving man seeks solace and solitude in the confines of a mysterious house. 


  • Cobb International Film Festival - Nominee: Best International Short Film
  • Kitchener-Waterloo Film Festival
  • Emerge Film Festival
  • CineKink

Director & Writer : Keith Hodder
Producers: Peter Strauss, Keith Hodder
Starring: Garfield Andrews, Nick Stojanovic
Director of Photography: Jon Simonassi
Editor: Peter Strauss
Music: Daniel Cuirlizza
Sound Recordist: Harrison Embry
Gaffer: James Hughes
Colourist: Jacob McKee
Sound Editing: Carter Mancuso
Sound Mix: Patrick Wade, Daniel Cuirlizza
Sample Development: Ryan Spratt
Synthesizer Programmer: Daniel Cuirlizza
Score Consultant: Joni Fuller